Transparent Practices Pharma-Grade Quality Flexible Solutions
Easily find the necessary compliance documents for your products:

- Certificates of Analysis
- Specification Sheets
- Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
- Other Compliance Documentation

The information is continually updated to ensure maximum transparency and compliance.
We offer organic and inorganic chemicals that meet ACS, USP-NF, FCC, BP, PhEur and JP standards.

Our pharmaceutical excipients meet the current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) regulatory requirements. A&C also offers:

- API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
- Nutraceuticals
- Cosmetic ingredients
- Chemical solutions
- Specialty solvents
Since 1966, we have been providing our clients with customized solutions. Whether you need a product with unique specifications or a non-standard quantity, we can meet all of your requirements.

Send us a request and we will reply within one business day.
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A&C Hosts USP User Forum in Montreal on June 14
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A&C is GMP and GDP Certified for Pharmaceutical Excipients
A&C operations achieves EXCiPACT™ certification.
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Phenol Liquefied, USP
GMP Liquefied Phenol USP for Pharmaceuticals
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A&C is an authorized
distributor of
USP Reference Standards

USP Reference Standards